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I will probably sound like a walking advertisement for Mimi, but I would recommend her to everyone and anyone who is looking to buy or sell a house.

She was so energetic and positive thoroughout with a wonderful personality. She took charge of the situations as they came, was very, very organized and communicative with everything she touched. She always had answers to questions or she would find out and get back to me immediately. She is a hard worker and even installed smoke detectors, help remove things from the house, arranged inspections seeing them trough in a timely manner and the list goes on, and on and on. I can not say enough about her and would recommend her to anyone.

Daniel Krieger-Carlisle

Mimi Kim was everything I was looking for in a realtor and more.

She really gets to know you, so she can find the perfect home that meets your needs. She also make the purchasing process so seamless. Mimi is on top of everything. She goes above and beyond. Mimi was there every step of the way and kept me well informed on daily basis of the status of the sale process. Through the process she became not only a friend but part of our family.

Sylvia Whitman , Chatsworth

I have worked with Mimi Kim for buying and selling of my home!

! Mimi kim has been my agent over 10 years. She is knowledgeable, professional and very detail oriented with her work!! More importantly, she is such a joy to work with and takes stress away from whole process!!!! Love working with her and I hightly recommend her services!!

Grace and Edward Kim, Pasadena CA

I originally met Mimi when she represented the people from whom I bought a property.

A couple of years later, I contacted her it was clear that she was far superior and more professional than the realtor I was first using. Mimi goes above and beyond what one would ever hope for. She had excellent communication via text, email, and phone. I would (and have) definitely recommend Mimi to friends, family, coworkers.

CMI Los Angeles, CA

Mimi was very helpful from start to finish.

She communicated well and she answered questions in a timely manner. She coordinated the work that needed to be done and made sure everything was on schedule.

Rowena Payne

I was referred to Mimi Kim by the Manager of Dilbeck Realty 13 years ago.

She sold my home who had a tenant in it at the time and did an outstanding job. Over the years we used her to view various homes however we never pulled the trigger and bought a bigger home. When we decided to sell our Burbank home there was no one we would consider listing our home with other than Mimi Kim We LOVE Mimi Kim and her professionalism. My husband is not easy tot please and Mimi handled him with ease. Mimi's approach and sales process would make anyone feel comfortable with selling their home. Mimi is the bomb! Why Choose Dilbeck Real Estate to sell your home?......two words.....Mimi Kim!!!

Robin Stephan, Burbank CA

Been with her for 15 years!

Bough and sold many houses and condos!! She’s an amazing person and amazing realtor! Love working with her

Grace Kim

Mimi Kim was really helpful and informative when I first met her 7 yrs ago.

She knew I wasn't ready to purchase at the time but still took the time to educate me in the market and what I need to do to be able to buy my first home. Unlike other agents who dismiss me when they knew they couldn't make a sale at the time, Mimi took the time and kept her professionalism. When I was ready to seriously consider buying, Mimi was the first person I reached out and hope and pray she was still working and reachable at the same contact info and she was.

J. W - Beverly Hills, CA

Mimi made the process of buying my home a breeze.

Thank you so much for your help. Couldn't have had a better realtor


We feel she worked extra hard for us since we were not always in the state.

She was always available to us. Mimi was great at walking us through the whole process Can’t praise Mimi enough.

Susan and Toy, Sylmar

I chose Mimi based on a recommendation from my sister.

My sister's positive experience with, and glowing review of Mimi was all I needed to decide on Mimi. We were not disappointed! Mimi was always two steps ahead of the game. She is knowledgeable and detail-oriented, willing to get the job done by any means! She really gave us a feeling that she was willing to go to bat for us and we depended upon her at every turn! We came into this, eyes wide open and completely inexperienced. She not only held our hand, educating us the whole way, guiding us with every decision, she did so with patience and charm. Mimi is an expert at what she does! She treated us like we were her family and now, we consider her a friend!

LeRoy and Rakefet, Los Angeles CA

Mimi really did an excellent job communicating and managing expectations.

She was great at explaining each step of a very complicated process. Mimi's professionalism in interacting/negotiating with the buyer, being there to represent my interests and helping to prioritize what was important for the sale is Mimi's strongest assets. Mimi went above and beyond when it came time to close the sale. Following up with the buyer, ensuring we met inspection requirements, removing/resolving contingencies to ensure that there were no surprises at the end of the escrow recording process.

E. A. Oshiro, Gardena, CA

Mimi was such an amazing person throughout the whole process.

Logan Sigston, Los Angeles, CA.

Mimi Kim is the BEST.

The sale of my house went so smoothly and I know that it has to do with how Mimi was on top of everything, to the littlest of details. If you want top notch service Mimi Kim is who you need to work with.

Sylvia, Winnetka

Mimi was bar none more than what I expected.

She told me at our first meeting that when she is 1:1 with a client, she pays full attention to their needs with her undivided time and respect. This was something that she really honored and kept her word on. I not only noted that with our interactions, but also when she had to tend to other clients. This was an exceptional display of her character and professionalism. Furthermore, Mimi was beyond timely and accessible. She never once hesitated to assist me with the many times I required a contractor to provide an estimate prior to closing. She was always present and available for my needs. I have already recommended Mimi to others and I will continue to do so for my sake and other close friends and business associates. Mimi is amazing, knowledgeable, and superb in her role.

Aaron A., North Hollywood, CA

I don't even know where to begin.

I decided after 27 years in my home it was time to sell. I was living in Huntington Beach and had tenants in my home in Burbank. She not only became my Realtor but she also worked with my tenants to find a new place to live. My cousin and 2 of my sons have utilized Mimi's expertise. When I contacted her my whole life change. What I expected to be a complete nightmare by living so far away, became exciting and fun! Mimi made every moment of selling and buying at the same time a life journey I'll never forget. She's so knowledgeable on both sides I didn't even have to think or worry about anything. It had been so long since I bought my first home I had forgotten all the steps. Mimi walked me through each one with ease. Mimi went way above and beyond with all her efforts. Being out of town was challenging but Mimi made sure someone, if not herself, was there on site when needed. She traveled to me on many occasions and found me my new beautiful home. Not only did I end up with the best Realtor out there but I made a friend and that you cannot be beat! To you, Mimi.... when you see this just know your Unicorn loves ya! :)

Natalie Burkhart, Huntington Beach

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